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  • and i tryed to go back to 2.3.4 rooted and then flashed cwm and it flash successful but wont show up
    I would be more than happy to help you guys with testing and development. Granted, my programming skills are isolated to pc's, but I am a quick learner and extremely motivated to assist in any development on Boost's Samsung Galaxy Prevail and Samsung Transform Ultra.
    how can I root my Prevail 2.3.6 I had 2.3.5 rooted but since the update I cant get it to root. It sure has me stumped. I asked Samsung if I could take the update off but they said I cant. Please help if you can. thank you

    Is it possible to get an ETA on Odin? "Soon", "In some months" or "Never!" are OK answers! All I need to know is if I should keep this Transform I bought or return it. Please, don't troll me! lol Thank you!

    I was told to talk to you about helping on the samsung transform ultra cyanogenmod project. Im not a programmer but i am currently in school for the networking side of IT. i have rooted a few phones and would enjoy getting cyanogenmod on my phone (STU).
    please tell me how i can help develop CM. maybe help with other phone in the future too.
    Hi interdpth,
    how do i get my transform ultra to you to fix? i am at jtatex@gmail.com
    sorry about the connection probs.i think i lost ya know you r busy so can try in the morn if you prefer?
    hi interdpth i was wondering is there a reason the download link for star-scrom keeps coming out as error broken or unidentified if tried the version 0.6 and so on but no luck thanks
    hi interdpth, can i install the star-scrom from sd card using CWM, since i havent been able to do it using the computer even though usb debbuging is enabled on my phone. i havent had any luck yet. i' tried many times. thank you.
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