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  • Eh up oh rusty one. Still rocking my S6 edge, still unrooted. Just thought I'd give you a shout. I am sad, I'm about to go to my sisters to make a carbon copy of her apps, music, and desktops from her old, cracked and rather battered S5 (but not lagging - it is pretty much as fast as it ever was) to her shiny brand new S7 edgeand I am actually excited about it
    Hi rusty bum, hating the new forum so far, how about you ? Have you gotten the desktop version to work on mobile yet ? I've tried changing mobile Chrome's user agent - no joy. And where the bloody hell are private messages, this too public.
    I dunno if you noticed but has been shutdown , which is where quite alot of Sammobiles files were stored as well as other :S Lets hope they backed it all up
    I visit this site about every six months!
    If you have a question, please post it in the forum.
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