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  • jabbawest: Would be nice if a batch program or script could be run every month. Maybe an auto dialing utility set up to run once a month could be configured to achieve this, although the voice prompts would be an issue.

    You can ignore the voice prompts and use keypad only. They ask you via voice prompt, but if you don't do anything, the next time you call *228, Metro adds the keypad option to the choices (because they recognize it's the same number and you might not can talk or something).

    But keypad works no matter what! if you know the keypad choices.

    "press 5" for roaming list.

    So, here's a tip. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SAY ANYTHING. Just wait until they get past the "continue in Espanol" part of the script, and then hit the number 5 on the keypad. It will update your roaming list!

    So you could make a little program/script where it would dial *228, wait 20 seconds (I just timed it), then hit "5".
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