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  • I took the plunge as well. Unlim. data gone. I've pretty much done the same as you. Low usage because I'm using a wifi connection nearly all of the time. I did that to help with battery life and will continue to do the same. This is a beautiful phone! I bought the flip cover, but I hate it on the phone. I'm taking the overpriced thing back and looking for another solution. My service has also been much better. So I'm about to root and unlock this baby right now! :)
    Hey jbdan. Did you do it? Did you get the S3? I gotta know your initial impression just off the gnex, as I'm on the fence as well. Also, did you give up unlimited data?
    Hi there. The clock weather widget is Beautiful Widgets (Smaller Home) and the different levels of bars is Audio Manager Pro widget both are in the market place :)
    hey i was looking at your review/pictures of the steinheil covers and i'm curious, what widget do you use for the clock/weather and for the different levels of bars about system usage that are red and yellow?
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