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  • Hi Jericko. I was going to reply to your thread asking for input on the EVO LTE but it was closed already. I hope it wasn't closed so that no one could add anything negative to it. Ha!

    I have been reading most of the day to try to find answers to major problems I'm having with the EVO LTE I bought a few days ago. Am going to try one more thing before returning the phone. The signal reception is so bad that the phone is barely useable for me. For details on the probs I am seeing, along with many others, see Sprint Community: Alerted the media about the HTC EVO 4G LTE signal reception issues. Also see

    I hope to find a fix. The phone itself is great. But unless it can get - and keep - a good signal, it's worthless. So be aware that not all are having good experiences with this phone.
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