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  • Awesome! Aside from battery life, cell standby and phone idle are draining my battery like crazy, even when I'm not using it, but it seems the D3 had the same issue until the OTA?
    You responded to my post about my D3 freezing after rooting it. I have completed 2 complete factory resets, restoring the phone with TiBu to it's original state, yet the phone continues to freeze. I made sure that all the files from a System Dump I downloaded were present in the System/App folder, with the correct permissions and ownership. However, when I try to load my photo gallery, the phone fails to connect to what used to be a live stream of photos posted on Facebook/Twitter, which leads me to believe that the problem lies in a MOTOBLUR social connection application. I attempt to setup a social network, but it cannot connect to the server. Any idea what it going wrong here? Thank you so much for your help.

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