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  • Krlypumaa, I tried the WiFi tether process and I'm not seeing my LG appear as a wireless source on my laptop.
    INFO: LGF6 Rooted, Android v 4.1.2, SW v MS50012b, MetroPCS carrier and Super SU for permission(s).
    Have things changed with MPCS? I tried a few other WiFi tethers and none work! JBtether, Opengarden, and PDANet+!
    I must be making an error in procedure?

    thansk Eto
    hi there any chance you can send me link to the updated radio on the metro F6 to change the apn to a APN? saw the post below on the forums here, thanks in advance.

    For us in old f6 firmware we would hav2 flash new radio

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