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  • Oh, boy.

    Your lit’ry prose notwithstanding, I’m’2,:2,:,2:2,2:,:,2

    The link between an Android device & -,2:,2:,2,-2,:2,
    Man, my hope of the day is this:

    I hope that your posts, within AF, help you in the way o
    HfH f - what you mean by this? Can you inbox me?
    I have moved to The Rockies. Our new home is gorgeous. Thursday, we get the remainder of our furniture - and a 4K 65" HDTV (yes!). LW
    Still seeking root/recovery assistance for the HTC 626s... anyone out there that feels like helping a Lollipop noob (last phone w/root Gbrd)
    Give me root, give me root... give me, choice of ROMs; give me... sorry, George, for ruining your song...
    SMOK TFV4 blows super clouds - even at 50W, with the CUBE X II. Battery life is so-so with any 18650 batteries below 2500 mAh.
    Today - TFV 4. Have a good supply of TFN2 nickel coils. The beta upgrade for the CUBE XII didn't work... "No APROM file!" @#*!
    Long day's journey into goat... as was said by a certain detective of Jewish descent, in one of my favorite novels...
    My life has been changed from the bad to the good! I'm officially disabled (thanks to a judge), and I now receive LOTS! Medical care!
    Asian companies online. Ugh! I wish that I could speak/write Chinese, and that they didn't get rid of their US support 800 number. Help!
    All alone, with the computer instead of the phone... my lady went to a meeting, and I just finished mowing the back yard. I am sore...
    Still feeling upbeat - great for me. An early Happy Memorial Day to all, & let's not forget our military, even with our war errors.
    Grief counseling has been helpful. My attitude is becoming more positive, even with my chronic pain. I love my lady, and our dogs...
    Bills are paid. My long-awaited vaping mod took nineteen days to get here, but I'm enjoying it with a new e-fluid called 'Daybreak'. Nice.
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