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  • I went with the stock rom since there's less of a chance of screw ups. You might try flashing the stock rom to get it back to what it's supposed to be. You have to unlock the phone before you can use it on different services. I had a Blackburry curve from Verizon I didn't like so I gave it to my grand daughter who used it on T-Mobile. The phone part worked but not the web part. So if you are trying to cross over services you maybe using a phone that won't work on the service you trying to switch to. Sorry I can't help you any more than that.
    aloha i still am having this problem with my hero, i was just wondering if you had any ideas about what may be wrong with it, or any way that i can fix it, its a hero from sprint flashed to cricket service thats stuck on the "htc" screen. is there a way that i m able to completely wipe it, n start over, i really am in love with this phone and i feel like my girl broke up with me. i am desperate! any help would be appreciated.
    thanks RoksArt
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