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Nov 12, 2014
    1. qmobilea2
      kindly tell me how can i make init2ext scrit work on mhy a2
    2. vis_gavi2004
      i have tried both ics roms by sagarwep and anarchy rom by mastermind. in all the three rom i found that the screen disappears when i am on a call. i think all theree roms r using same dialer and there is some problem in the dialer as i tab on the green dial button the screen disappears so i cannot end the call and also i cannot do anything while i am on call. most of the time i have to pull out the battery. i think there may b the problem in proximity sensor. but i m not sure. can u provide me with a fix or a better dialer and the process to instal the dialer. i liked these roms very much and i dont want to go back to that stock rom.
      Please help.
      thnks in advance.
    3. aditya553
      I am using ur rom in my micromax a75 and its working very smooth and i thank u for ur greate work...
      see actually what i want from u is tell me that how could add my newly installed apps to rom so that when in future when i install this rom in my phone so i should get all my apps...
      if u didnt understood then i tell u with an example
      see i installed apps like mxplayer,dictionary,temple run etc and i want these apps to be added to the rom so that when i reinstall your rom i have not to the tedious work installing all the apps once again

      please help me
    4. Abhii1902
      dude not able to root my a25 using ur rooting procedure every time i get android partition size changed error
    5. cooldude007
      Hiee mastermind1024...
      From building cwm5 for micromax A56 from source as well as porting it from other means didint work..
      We didnt got any UI in LCD bt the screen is displaying in DDMS ..
      So only need is something graphics.c file..
      Bt m not getting it in any recovery..
      Please if u can guide me werz the file we will atleast try to port it to mmx A56..
      W8ng for ur reply ..
    6. karthiksitian
      hey mastermind, copied the third party launcher(sony home) to the system/app and then it s supporting file to etc and permission folder and then rebooted the mobile ..then no status bar, no settings icon....then pulled out the battery and inserted , made factory reset by pressing the pwr+volume down button then booted it, there stuck with welcome to a25, touch to continue wat to do....help me plz plz
    7. karthiksitian
      guy plz help me i completely bricked my phone...then i went to factory reset
      after this my phone is getting the screen welcome to android (touch the screen to start ) i am stuct there ..guys plz help me...... plz help me
    8. karthiksitian
      thanks for u rooting guide for a25....
      can u mod the same a75 rom to the a25 plz..plz..
    9. rahulsharma26
      help me with my micromax a25 stuck at boot logo
      cell is rooted
      tried factory reset phone starts but only status bar works
      whole screen is black
      help will be appreciated
    10. rahulsharma26
      hi please help me with my micromax a25 stuck at boot logo
      dont know wat to do can u provide some guide
      will be helpful
      than you in advance
    11. sandip thorve
      do you have any idea About micromax A85 Stable ROM or ICS update. (Not chery mobile 2.3) please tell me i want to upgrade/Root my device. stock soft. very poor.
    12. iamviveksri
    13. itzmiandy

      If you have given the link, I am not able to find it.. can you plz pm me the link.
    14. iamviveksri
      Hello sir. I saw your post regarding the adw launcher for Micromax a52. I installed but still no accessing the google talk. Please help!
    15. nikks21
      hey buddy , u posted boot.img for gionee gn 105, can you get boot.img for gionee gn100 too ???
    16. Shrikant716
    17. akash116
      when i hold down vol up and power on button it is not working not showing anything it shows just a symbol of android (no text ) now what to do pls help...............
    18. Shrikant716
      k bro....shal I root the fon once again??
    19. Shrikant716
      hiiii mastermind1024....
      I tried to flash ur recovery using terminal emulator on my friend's mobile mmx a75(on stock rom-rooted)
      But there is no change in the recovery.
      When I tried to flash the recovery in terminal emulator (I followed the steps as you said in ur post) it is displaying that the permission is denied.
      Then I tried to flash recovery.img by using Mobile Uncle tools app
      but the result is the phone is not even going to recovery mod of stock,it is strucked at the Superfone|lite logo.
      pls help me........
    20. prax45
      Pls tell how to fix Compass/magnetometer issue in sagarwep rom v2.0
    21. kitbor
      hey mate I try installing busy box installer by jrummy but which ever version I start it always fail to install why mate...
    22. Amarghy
    23. ninadchaudhari
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