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  • Hey dude, hope you're doing well. Know you don't come on here very much anymore, but it would be good to hear from you again man.
    I posted my first post recently but have had no answer. It was "Is it possible to increase the number of keystrokes when entering the name etc. in Contacts" My phone will only accept 14 but in the settings section "Show" keystrokes are unlimited. In the user guide, to put in/delete another field, it shows the use of a green + sign and a red - sign. Cannot find them anywhere. Can you help please?
    You FAILED to answer the question!

    (I am doing great man and you? :))

    The answer is:



    0 out of 10 for you!
    What do youz get when you add...

    Muppet + Metroid Prime = ????


    (Pssk! Ha! You are 5 years younger than me give or take so I am instantly your "superior"! You will listen to me now!)
    hello, do forgive me for being an idiot! :) i just got the samsung s3 and i think it's a new one out. i tried the 2 listed/posted methods to no avail. i DL'ed the skip tool, and mine is not listed. i am afraid to try something 'close' as it might 'blow-up' something. info: carr: metropcs tele: sgh-t999n (the t999 = t-mobile, NO listing from anybody on the t999N) os: 4.1.2 build: jzo54k.t999nuvame4 i have done my Connect and Motion w/o a hitch. and YES, i did use the supplied usb cable... ;) i also tried in usb hub and straight to pc...same thing basic error is directory not found. as if new directory structure is in place... if it was a pc, i could do something...this is 'over my head'... any help/direction would be appreciated! thanks! ken :)
    All is well my friend:) You doing o.k.? I like your new avi :) A different look for you than what I am used to seeing- :p
    Doing great, MP! :)

    How about you?

    What are you doing up so early or late? :p

    Looking forward to a 3-day weekend...whew! Work's been a bear recently but getting better.

    Hey matey! All good thanks... just getting used to not using my right hand so much! Just off to work - catch ya later! :)
    Down to one vehicle and of course its an absolute gas hog . driving hubby to and from work , picking boys up from school driving each boy to and from their practice or game. Hockey tournament for youngest and then 4 basketball games just today for the oldest. Have had to go and tow my other vehicle 4 different times now to a differant spot. and on and on. just alot of running around .and we live pretty far far town. It really doesnt seem or sound like much really . like I said I just let it all get to me .. Im sure my illness and pain didnt help the situation , sure that may be the reason it all frelt like a bomb to me .Just know this I am not complaining , its all part of life . I am gonna start carrying my laptop with . definetley. lol for real though.
    It's going , I still alive and kickin . I apologize for not getting back to you immediately or sooner . Besides the fact I have literally been running , and running constantly these past few days , my phone has also been on the fritz. I suppose though when it rains it pours ,what do you do it is what it is.Thank you for forwarding to EM the pm I had sent to you . I seriously appreciate it. And appreciate you askin how things are .. I will make sure that I for now on will post to the whole team if there is ever a reason for my absence out of courtesy .
    Not to bad. A tragic death in the family refocused my time for the week. But I am still here :)
    Hey, MP!:)
    I am fine but life is crazy busy right now.
    We are swamped at work, and short 4 people, so the rest of us are becoming exhausted!
    It will get better soon though, God willing!
    How are you, in this fine new year?
    Not lately i havent been around much anyhow, have the flu :(

    I imagine ill make a post about it when i come back letting everyone know where i have been, or make it now
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