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    Root [Guide] Get yor MSL and Bypass/Remove Throttling

    *Use this Guide at your own Risk* Legal Notice: I'm not a lawyer but I think that this is legal and does not violate the TOS and you can call and tell'll change the setting for you or give you the code. This guide will show you how to remove any throttles including the 256KBPS throttle...
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    Root [ROM][Supreme] Mobster Rom S - 03/30/14

    Mobster Rom S by Mobstergunz Features: Replaced Some Apps Slimmed Down Rom SD Cards Swapped Adobe Flash Player Enhanced Audio Sony Bravia Engine 3 Custom KitKat Theme Performance Tweaks and More Not Mentioned......... Installation Instructions: 1 Backup/Nandroid 2 Wipe...
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    Root [Closed] Supreme 4.1.2 Stock Rom

    First of all props to junkie2100 for getting CWM working for our devices :thumb: This is the Stock 4.1.2 Rom built from my previously released Supreme Resources *Warning* flash at your own risk* Download Link -...
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    Root [CLOSED]Request Kernel Source

    you can email ZTE and request Kernel Source with this email or contact VM here if Kernel Source is Released it will show up here Bulletin Our phones Model number is N9810
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    Root [Resource] Stock Supreme System, Boot, and Recovery

    ***Please Note that these were pulled from my own Supreme and that the System is Rooted. Image Files are inside ZIPs for smaller and faster downloads Downloads: System Link - Boot Link -...
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    Root [DEV] Porting the HTC Valente ICS Sense 4.0

    This is the Stock HTC Valente ICS Sense 4.0 Rom. Yes we have Sense 4 already but the HTC Valente is a Wi-Max phone. So my Hope is Someone ports this. Files: Stock Valente Rom - 1st Attempted Port - How to Logcat on boot: turn off...
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    [ROM] [Evo V/3D] Mobster Remix - 07/03/13

    Mobster Remix by Mobstergunz Old Thread Here: Features: AOSP Apps GAPPS Included HTC FM Radio Adobe Flash Player HD/Screen Off YouTube Enhanced Audio Custom AOSP-like Theme Dimmed Capacitive Buttons...
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    Root [ROM] Mobster Remix - 07/18/13 only 265 MB

    Mobster Remix by Mobstergunz Old Thread Here: Features: AOSP Apps GAPPS Included HTC FM Radio Adobe Flash Player HD/Screen Off YouTube Enhanced Audio Custom AOSP-like Theme Dimmed...
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    Root [Q] Question to Kernel Devs

    Supposedly our GPU is capable of an overclock up to 400 MHz but the max i see in kernels made for the Evo 3D go to a max of 266 MHz for 2D and 320 MHz for 3D. My Question is can our phone achieve that 400 MHz Boost or will it cause trouble? Edit: someone feel free to ask this on XDA aswell...
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    [TOOLS] Great tools for Chiefs (Windows)

    Great tools for Chiefs Okay Guys heres some great tools to make Android Modding go way smoother Download: Link - Android - 13.55 MB Screenshots: The Download zip I prepared includes 3 Customized Tools - APK Manager - Apk Tool - Theme Porter *NOTE* - I...
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    New Theme Engine

    Theres a new theme Engine called "XThemeEngine" based on "Xposed Framework" for 4.0+ Roms Link - [MOD][XPOSED][4.0+] XThemeEngine beta4 - Theme engine for any rooted phone is anyone planning on using this?
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    Root [MOD] AOSP Recent Apps for Sense 4

    AOSP Recent Apps Sense 4 Mod Just as the Title says its a mod that gives you the AOSP Recent apps style on your Sense 4 Rom This Mod is tested and working on Sense 4 it should work on Sense 4.1 Roms as well but its not tested. It may or may not work on the Viper3D Rom i'm not sure since their...
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    Root [APK] File Explorer/Manager

    This is a File Explorer from my Triumph days its Black and White and very Minimalistic. And easy to Theme Link - FileManager.apk - 157 KB install as you would any apk Theme Example - FileManager CM.apk - 153 KB Screenshots: Minimalist Themed ........................... CyanogenMod Theme
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    Root [GAME/IMPORT] Hatsune Miku Live Stage Producer

    Hatsune Miku Live Stage Producer by SEGA CORPORATION This is a Japanese game by SEGA and is Free in the Play Store i just made it work for our phone so it isn't warez About the Game: In Hatsune Miku Live Stage Producer, players take on the role of Hatsune Miku’s producer and owner of...
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    Root [GAME] Desert Winds HD 3D ( APK+DATA )

    Desert Winds HD 3D by Qualcomm This is an Adreno 220 specific game made by Qualcomm and was Free in the Android Market (was because you can't find it anymore) so this isn't warez About the Game: The game is set in an exotic and mystical world in another time and place. The player takes the...