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  • Hi, Mr. Boom.

    I've been looking to root my Incredible 4G for a while and can't make out much of how to go about it. There seems to be so much to have to try to keep up with since so many are mentioning S-on/off, temproot, using whatever it is that dirtyracun provided that's no longer supported on Windows, and quite a bit more. I've rooted a phone before but I really don't know much about the more advanced stuff that's involved. I've read numerous posts about how to root, but all of the discussions are generally for the more advanced users, which leaves a lot of gaps in information for someone like me who doesn't know as much. I'd love to root my phone and create a video tutorial of how it's done so that other users (who are basically noobs like me) can see at least one way it's done step by step. So, any detailed steps you can provide on a way to get an Incredible 4G rooted would be greatly appreciated.
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