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  • ok i got something i did everything i think i did. So now i was trying to flash after doing the odin and all i saw the cwm which i think it was it but now when flashing i downloaded the superuser and extract it on my pc then i put it on my phone on card then i turned it of but going thru thr process it asked which i wanted to install and there was 2 meta and system so which do i do cause on video he has only one and that said superuser but it was extrct
    Just checked out your soundcloud & your walking dead remix is dope!!!! It just replaced my old walking dead ringtone. Thanks.
    hey bro me puedes dicir si hago stos pasos stoy bien para instalar aokp room primero tengo q ir a wipedata/luego cache/dalvik yal ultimo factory reset y luego flasheo el room y otra vez wipe cache/dalvik y busco el file de inverted gaaps y por ultimo rebot te lo agradesco si me corriges sque no quiero joder mi telefono
    lol my friend no names to be said, has the s3 unlocked on metro working, and metro told us that it should be released in late sept. if not before the end of this year. I however have an offer for 300 for my esteem with a shit ton of accessories which i think I may sell when i can obtain the pre release of the s3 whatcha think
    bro your like everywhere, i seen your name on youtube, howardsforum and the nexus 7 lol stop stalking my every move :p
    yea i guess thats what i meant it turns off all data bummer on the indulge we could switch from 4g to 3g but i guess for the esteem its either 4g or nothing ......
    Hey, so I saw your post about turning of 4g in ES Task manager, how do you do it? I only see a thing for 3g, which seems to shut off all data.
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