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  • im glad you heard from someone else. i sent rob a message but nothing yet i get hes busy and im ok with waiting but i just wanted to hear something reguarding it but for sure im giving him the benefit of the doubt i get hes got alot going on! good luck and congrats on the prize!
    Ouch :( Well he seems like he's been swamped with life the past few weeks, and then on top of that the site was down for a while. I'd give him the benefit of the doubt. Poor man has other things to do besides giving out free prizes! Haha.
    Ah, I see, congratulations! Well he took quite a while to get back to all winners #1-6 since he was busy fixing the site and what not. During that time MuzikJay (another winner) and I were going back and forth freaking out about him not replying yet, wondering if we'd been tricked! Haha.

    He's just a very busy man as I've come to learn. You'll get your prize in due time, just give him time. :p
    I Don't even know I mean I understand it xas free so I'm not like super rushed but I think I should have heard from rob by now about.something. hopefully its easier for you since its just money.
    YA I sent him a message but no response after I won and gave him my info he said he would be sending it in a few days but that was over 3 weeks ago. Well thanks for getting back to me. who else did you say to contact besides rob?
    congrats on winning that contest man! have you heard anything about your phone yet? i won the original twitter contest for the EVO 3 weeks ago and have not recieved my phone yet! just wondering if you were given a time frame
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