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  • helloooooo!!!! just ventured back on here after a craptastic install of Marshmallow to my Note5 :/ yes i did have the baby :) July 10 was his big debut. he's 8 months old and a teething, crawling monster! hows life been with you?
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    6.0 on th eNote 5, I feel ya. Wife had/has issues as well.
    And that is AWESOME! Congratulations!! It's awesome to hear from you, especially after all this time. I know you have your hands full ;)

    My daughter just turned 18 and is leaving for the Navy in 3 months :(

    But life is good, decided to build a house so waiting for them to start on it now.
    oh wow!! congrats to your daughter! Marine here, but Navy is pretty awesome too :)

    and yes, definitely have my hands full with the little one. and my other is 7 going on 17 so shes becoming a handful as well!
    That's what I hear. But still scary/nervous for her.

    And that's a fun age, I miss 7 going on 17, lmao. It's actual 17 and now 18 where she's killing me. But I get it. She finally has some freedom... I remember being a rebellious teenager. But I was WAAAAAYYYYY more off the hook. :)
    i'm doing great! BF and I are expecting a baby boy in July :) i didnt even know the site had changed before i came on here in Jan! kinda forgot about it :/ but now i gotta deal with my S5 and laggy as hell 5.0....i never shoulda updated
    Probably not! Congratulations of the BABY! That's awesome.
    hello!!!! havent been on here in ages. thought i'd pop in and see whats new...not to mention look around the S5 forums. hows the family? how were your holidays?
    i dont know that i'm really back...just poking my head in here and there :) life is good besides the govt shutdown that happened. 3 weeks of nothing kinda sucked hardcore! but other than that, life is good!
    Not a lot. Been away for awhile because of work. Been back on here a little more often lately.
    since you insist i come back, here i am!!! :p i'm doing great. started zumba last night and surprisingly i had fun! the little angel is doing well too. she learned how to spell her name and told me how on the way home from daycare yesterday!
    haha we all have our moments! christmas was good. daughter loved all her stuff :) i'm on the hunt for an S3. thats gonna be my present to myself when i find one :) how was your Christmas?
    thx! ive missed being around these parts :) i was having log in issues for awhile and said screw it. then i needed a new rom so back i came!
    so its been have you been? i've been good. new job is still awesome and house is fantastic! how was your Thanksgiving?
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