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  • No brainer, the Xoom is hands down better out of the box, has more CPU and graphics power, and is supported, etc.

    But it also costs twice the money, and the NC can do most of what the Xoom can. Angry Birds plays fine on the NC.

    But.....for a realestate agent, perhaps the one feature the Xoom can have that the NC doesn't is a 3G option (free 4G upgrade too). If she's out at a home that doesn't have WiFi, then she's out of luck for showing listings. Yes, you may be able to tether through your existing cell phone, but that depends on many other factors.

    I'm not down on the NC at all. I think running Phiremod, it's awesome. Just the Xoom is better.
    so, after all is said and done, once the color nook has been rooted, which is better, the rooted color nook or the xoom? basically my wife is trying to decide between the two, she is in realestate, she really won't be using it for movies or games, she is a very casual gamer, like Angry Birds, and that's about it, but mainly she will use it for business. so, which should she go with? which, has a better processor, speed, connectivity, etc. , etc.?
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