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  • I am using android 4.4..2 where I could not use DATA USAGE option to set the data usage to avoid over usages. Could any one help me in this.

    Thank you
    I apologize for the thread that I started that you closed. I was unaware that talk of that nature was forbidden. For the record, I was only implying that the phone may have been stolen based on how cheap it was. I do apologize though, so out of respect, I just wanted to say that.

    i lifted up my skirt and grabbed my balls and did it.. I flashed a rom and it worked... pretty damn easy actully. however after installing the rom the speakerphone does not work. i flashed the almost stock rom first. and followed the directions exactly
    probably good to go is a little scary Pastafarian. Should I do the image backup? I am super paranoid about bricking my phone and just wanna be super cautious. I researched a while before deciding to root my phone. now that Its done, I am a little gun shy. I looked at that link you sent me and it seems kinda complex. I am running Froyo 2.2.2 on Virgin. I just wanna make sure I am doing the right thing. from what I understand this phone is bricked often due to people mixing up VM with sprint and so on... also on another topic I noticed that none of my apps ask for superuser permision. I installed after rooting because I thought I needed it but deleted it when it never prompted me for any requests. All rooted apps still work... was super user included in the code for intercept root apk ? cause its not in my app drawer.

    btw .. sorry for all the questions. but I love learning about all this stuff and you seem very qualified
    I am new to this forum and thought you could help me. I am having extreme issues trying to connect my android to pc. if you can help please msg me back or email me



    Thank you for the user manual in your sticky, very helpful, as I've already lost mine ;/

    The driver does not work for me however, on 7 or XP, and I've heard others having no luck, so just letting you know.

    I posted a solution for a common problem among VM intercept users.

    Many people cannot edit their synced Facebook contacts on their phone, and get an error, leading them to either not have contacts, or edit them all one by one on the phone.

    I thought perhaps it should be "stickied", as it may prove helpful.

    My post is here:
    Is anybody here part of The Church of The flying Spaghetti Monster?
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