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  • Hey, I have a question about changing a title of a thread at http://androidforums.com/incredible-all-things-root/227450-guide-root-your-incredible-bypass-nov-ota-root-s-off-amoled-only.html I made an update where the guide now supports AMOLED & SLCD and I was hoping to see if it would be possible to change the title to Root Your Droid Incredible (AMOLED & SLCD Support!)

    Also I prematurely created another thread at http://androidforums.com/incredible-all-things-root/229609-guide-12-2-2010-root-your-incredible-amoled-slcd-support.html so you delete that one if you wouldn't mind changing the title.

    hey buddy, u responded to one of my recent posts. When i click factory reset it brings me to android system recovery, should i click 'go to console' to boot up 2.2?
    Mine takes a little bit to open some books that I have converted too. I have not timed it, but I would guestimate it at around 30 seconds to a minute depending on the book. I have mine set to the default. I have not really played with the settings in that. I converted about 20 books when I first started and haven't needed anymore since. I may try to play around with the settings when I do my next batch and see if anything improves.

    The best thing would be to find some books that work really well and see what the settings are for those books. Then try to match that.
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