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  • Hi Randall I SO hope you can help!

    My girl's in US and I'm in Europe for 2 yrs.

    She told me about Tango yesterday v excited because she is a crazy-mad text queen, and at 70c a pop it is costly when she goes over limit which is all the time lol.

    She said that Tango allows you to send texts not just voice/vid. So I installed it aiming to have a text on her phone when she wakes (I'm 10 hrs ahead of her).

    But I can't see how.

    So I've googled, been on forums, read-up, but can't find reference to texting via Tango at all - yet she was/is so certain you can!

    Can you clarify please? How do you compose/send? I even tried it using the phone's regular texting, thinking that maybe Tango would get auto-launched at some point.

    Anyway, with nothing on the Tango interface that gives a text-message option, just regular call buttons and the camera button, Is she right? Thanks!
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