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  • R u trying to run ubuntu thru windows via wubi? If so, i dont recommend running ubuntu under wubi or in a vm. Yes, it IS possible, but it will b super slow on most systems, and u will usually run into issues. Not to mention that in those cases, it splits the ram with the other operating system. Best to set it up as a true OS on yohr machine. If u wanna keep windows, that is totally a valid option. The installation will guide u thru setting up the GRUB menu, which allows u to choose which operating system u wanna select at the beginning of each boot.
    ok i play with it im using ur latest rom i took out some apps and added differebt ones and moved some to rom to free up the user space still more work to do thanks for the info
    u need to take a base, build-your-own-rom (available in the forum), open the zip, and drag & drop the apps into the appropriate folders of the rom to make your changes. people should then be able to flash the rom thru CWM recovery, if u have done it correctly. u cant really take the rom u r using, and easily make a zip for people to flash. to change things like default wallpaper and system colors, u have to decompile the framework. to change the boot splash, u have to decompile the boot.img. all of these things have to be done manually to the zip file to make changes to the rom. if u just wanna change around the apps that flash with the stock rom tho, u can just delete any apps u wanna remove, and drag & drop the new apps in their places. good luck buddy! if u need help, im here!
    3014730908 text me please Im new to this stuff
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