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  • That is the one im using as well. Am I missing something, because I did it exactly the way you told me. What could be the problem?
    I'm using Terminal Emulator and every time I try and delete a app I get a message saying: rm failed for read-only file. What do I do?
    Hey dumb question... I have esteem (zvc) I d/led brokenOut before I came across the mod posting on here.... it works fine except HDMI will not put out to screen. Do I need to go to ZVD first?
    ok once i download TiBu do i just place on the root of my sd card and try a boot into recovery cause my phone wont let me it sticks on the white huawei screen. ive tried a factory reset and upgrading the software but both just cause the phone to freeze. and unfortunately i dont have a file manager with root access just the one that came with the phone. Thanks for your help
    i rooted my huawei ascend 2 phone and frooze some stock apps with gemini and everything was fine until i decided to not want to be rooted for some dumb reason. Anyway in my stupidity i thought just deleting everything would unroot me i deleted all my rooted apps including rom manager, titanium and gemini without unfreezing my stock apps now all i have left is superuser and a phone that cant download any apps without giving me a unknown error 110 please help
    Hey, I think i bricked my Huawei M835 and I can't find any way to get it to turn on. i can't boot into recovery or turn on. It just hangs on the Huawei white screen. If there's any way you could help, please please do
    Hi. hay I need to ask you a question. do you know of Anyone having problems authenticating licenses for apps they purchased In market? Like failure to validate their purchase or the app thinking You had an unauthorized copy of the app? Or other erratic behavior with confirming licensing?

    I have a few friends, who along with me, are noticing some failures to validate purchased android market apps. I am wondering if it might be some android settings thing.


    I love the quote in your sig. I have used it everywhere since I found it a couple of years ago on a table at a Joe's Crab Shack in Dallas, Texas!
    Hey man I figured it out, it's not my messagewidget.apk its my mms.apk, when trying to install it it had issues parsing the file.

    If you don't mind can you pull a copy of your mms apk and odex and email it to me you'd be a lifesaver!

    My email is
    THanks for the guidance sir, not only on my thread but i was also reading up on your post in another thread, i actually used your post to root and install CM7...looks like everythings fine right now
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