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  • Hi Slayer,
    I'm new to the forum, and I left a post there, but I just figured out how to send a message here, anyway...

    Yesterday I installed Kitkat Explosion 2.0 and I really like it, but there are some issues, that I would like help with, and ya seem to be the one to ask...

    1. I want to get my stock jellybean 4.12 stock browser, back (I do have another browser right now, but I want to restore the stock one.

    2. I want to restore the my files folder

    3. I subscribe to visual voicemail, but have been having some issues with getting avatar messages to play.

    4. I want some of the old widgets back, like the weather, music, videos.

    5. I want to put a new MP3 file in for the startup music, I deleted the one that came with kitkat explosion 2.0 How do I do that?

    6. I have 2 lock screens, and only want one.

    Thanks for any input, I really appreciate it!

    Greetings Slayer, You uploaded a file "". I was wondering if you would be kind enough to reupload the file or even the stock backup... I would be quite grateful for your efforts.
    Dude, back in town. Just finished my semester. I have that RUSH for you. Give me a shout on that new number you got. Mine's still the same.
    Hey slayer72, I just bought the galaxy rush. I rooted it then bricked it and then installed back to stock ROM. Works great. Small concern that's bothering the hell out of me is no boot animation. I did see you post something that was missing (samgui) or something like that. Can u let me know how this method is done. I have downloaded all types of boot animations and copy/ paste into media and local with nothing but a blank screen. Definitely would appreciate it.
    Hi Slayer. We spoke a long while back over on the lg marquee forum. I made the switch to the S2, was wondering if you could link me to some proper info. I want to install CM10 wild for the night on my s2 but am getting lost reading the forums here and on XDA. I know I need a safe kernal but don't know where to get one. Also if you could point me to the "how" of installing kernals and roms on the s2 I'd be grateful. I am rooted running the latest official 4.1.2 JB from samsung.
    Well because I'm super awesome, I bricked the phone. I'm gonna grab the Warp Sequent and call you. Ill be in touch, I do plan on stopping by today.
    Yes, those are the only ones recommended to use cause Boost is essentially Sprint, just the Prepaid side of it... But yes to answer your question... You don't want to use any other carriers PRLs with a Boost or Sprint phone, could cause serious instability and damage to the internals of the phone at that point...
    Sprint PRL's work for boost no?
    the universal one you posted should work?
    ok, I did the bootanimation as for the start up said it needed to be in .wav format right?
    go to dialer, type ##3282# type in your MSL code, then tap Edit, then enter your MSL code again, then tap Advanced, then change all 3 Vocoders to 4GV, then back all the way out and reboot and you should notice considerably faster data speed... :D
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