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  • lol i like android as well :) I still have an Android phone(mytouch and I am waiting for the xperia play). I just love the experience with Windows phone 7. Virtually no lag, no force closures, no fragmentation, a GREAT USER EXPERIENCE and better gaming. It is a great OS and nothing like Winmo 6.5 which i've owned and I never will again lol Win ph7 and Winmo are 2 different products

    and of course hon. I see it is a lot more active on tmobile.com moto cliq 2 forums. This phone has been out since mid jan and that's the only threads it has so yeah!
    Hey I was wondering what you were going to do with your slide....I just got one last week and on the sixth day I dropped it in some soup. It isn't working now and I was trying to see if you were getting rid of your phone.
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