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  • Sorry for the delay - I've taken up with staff getting that section filled out, thanks for letting me know! :)
    to be honest, I would recommend upgrading to ZVD first. depending on what type of performance you want. I'm running LD-LG ZVD 2.0 with the ICS Theme from ldrifta. I usually switch between kernels depending of the performance that I want. If you want speed and stability, I would recommend the Speed Kernel from ldrifta. I'm very picky on roms so I really wouldnt know which one to recommend because some of the themed ones arent really my thing. What you can do it try them out and see what you like. If you need help, just message me.
    Init.d best tweaks Increase your performance :)) - xda-developers < Zv6 tweaks but WIFI wont work after flashing but i can live with it since my cm7 data is working. BUT, be sure to mount system first before flashing.
    Be A Super User! Use The -=V6 SuperCharger=- Lag, Redraw & RAM Fixer! - xda-developers < V6 super charger, 3g turbobooster,kickass kernelizer, all work
    but zv6 tweaks already has V6 Super Charger on the .zip, the rest you must put on your own

    Here op
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