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  • See I was right,I told you they will eventually post in:can you turn Nds into android?The input/output too high voltage.
    It's not about someones certification,it's they're passion,dedication ,& Wisdom makes a true guide of knowlage.R.I.P CrashDamage & Bobcat
    It's not about a person's certification,it's about they're passion,dedication ,& Wisdom that mke a true guide of knowlage.
    Thank me,Blame me;it doesn't matter...I do Android development for 1 reason is my calling in life(Get it?Calling=Android Phones!)
    hey Phizzle you must remember im a 61 year old infant when it comes to all this ha ha , dont know where to download from any of your awesum knowledge ive not a clue , not ashamed for my lack of Xpertice in this field tiz truely fascinating.i must be fully comfortable with what i must do on his computor or he wont let me use it. Iam lost , again what about the lg ms631 thats priority
    May have found a way the company sloppily left behind that can show me how to gain root access into Zv7,just need a little more time..
    1st gingerbread,2nd ice cream sandwitch,jellybean,kitkat,marshmallow,in the future gummy bears,in the end our devices will give us diabetes!
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