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  • I'm not sure which case you mean, "the one with the clip" so I'll just tell you where to get them problem solved. ;]

    Seidio Active X -
    Otterbox Impact Series -
    Platinum Case - or local BestBuy

    Message me if I didn't answer your question.
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    I would not recommend buying the Impact Series for the Captivate. The rubber is very flimsy and attracts all kinda of dirt and dust. The at&t logo shows a little as well when the case is on. The Seidio Active X case is a case I would recommend. The rubber on the case does not attract dirt and dust plus, it comes with a hard plastic spine for more protection. The Otterbox case adds some bulk to the phone while the Active X does not add much. I would purchase the Otterbox Defender Series but, not the Impact or the Commuter series, for now, just stick with the Seidio Active X. You won't be disappointed, I promise.
    Hey what's up....just wanted to get your opinion on the otter box case u got...was thinking about getting it
    Hello! If you have any questions or would just like to talk about something message me and I'll be sure to message back as soon as possible. Thanks!
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