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  • They are of no use to me :p I have an Optimus M/S/V all programmed on metro.....I don't even have time to do stuff to the one M I have...right now it's on stock lol not even rooted. I guess I could try to sell them so I can get a Motion :D
    I know asadullah, he now has an optimus v and a Sprint Marquee (on Virgin Mobile's network). He was going to get an Optimus M, which is why he made a few ROMs for it, but decided he'd rather have Virgin Mobile as carrier. I need money to get a Motion. I can barely afford my phone bill. I need a job, but I don't have time for one thanks to school. And coming to this website at all to do what I like to would be impossible if I did have a job. When the school year is finished in May 2013, I'll go get a job :D

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