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  • Thanks for the Incredible List page. A thankless task, I'm sure. You might want to add DevilDog's "Black and Bold" theme for Magnolia to your theme page.
    Hey man, I came from Sky raider 3.5 and I had NO problems whatsoever in fact I wished he didn't quit. I ventured out and tried some new roms for my DInc. You are by far the most compatible with my phone. I was wondering how to get the good ol' "DROID" ringtone back. Ive found lots of people posting evo dumps as they are supposedly the same, but none of them have the droid tones such as "test lab" and a few others. I hope you know what I'm talking about. Thanks for your time.
    Hey man I was just wondering if I could copy your thread for the ROM List for the incredible to another forum.

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