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  • @doomsdaygeezus I have rooted my C811 as well, but due to how expensive this phone is and how much I actually depend on it now that I am in college, I don't do any work on it involving ROM's. I just make sure it can be rooted, and if not, find a way. At a first thought, cyanogen would i think not be compatible, but I would look into a support thread directly from them to find out. Also I would ask them before you flash it, due to the software's lack of fail-safes on the phone.
    Best of luck!
    hello, i rooted my commando 4g and got cwm recovery working on it and i also used your redpill rom on my c711 commando, was wondering if u think i could use cyanogenmod on my c811 using the cm installer on computer and on phone, just curious, or do you know of any custom roms that actually work for the c811
    I just dug up an old thread and in it you posted about making the Commando fully bootanimation.zip capable for custom boot animations. Did you ever get that done? I'd like to get a custom boot on here that isn't limited to the original file sizes.

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