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    Help Email client sync period?

    I added an Outlook Web Access account to my new Razr Maxx, which seems to be working alright with push notifications. However, it only seems to sync approximately 3 days back, and I cannot find any settings for increasing it. Is there any settings for increasing the sync period so that I can...
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    Alternative launchers - laggy.

    (Using HTC Desire) I have tried using both launcher pro and ADW launcher, who have a reputation of being light launchers, and no matter how much I mess about with the settings, I always experience the same thing: 1: They are often not fluid when swiping screens, showing a little sign of...
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    2x2 or 2x1 weather widget.. with wind!

    Okay, this is a bit silly, but I have spent hours looking for a weather widget (of which there are many) that is either 2x1 or 2x2 (still a lot), but which has current wind direction and speed info on the widget itself. I cannot find any weather widgets with the latter included, of course the...
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    Wifi hotspot toggle widget - access?

    As described in this thread: I have found a toggle for turning on/off the hotspot utility in froyo, but I can only seem to access it from the developers website while I would really like it to...
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    Wifi hotspot toggle for Froyo!

    Just found a toggle for turning on the wifi hotspot ability in android: HotSpot Toggle - Cyrket I can confirm that it does work on the HTC Desire with froyo installed, but I could not find it in the market so I installed the .apk from the developers website: Mehdy Bohlool's Homepage...
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    Widget for toggle fans.

    Okay, I am not much for advertising for others but I just got this: EasySwitch (Trial) - Cyrket Basically it is a 3x1 transparent widget squeezing 10 settings into a very compact space. Great for those of us who like being able to quickly change these settings without using a lot...
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    Which sense apps do you use?

    I realized that I had largely started replacing some of the built in sense apps/widgets (not counting FM tuner). The calendar has been replaced by Agenda Widget. The weather/clock widget has been replaced by Beautifulwidgets. The SMS application has been replaced by Handcent. The playback...
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    btld uses 80% CPU?

    So, I recently noticed my battery life had started lasting only 6-8 hours and my phone felt warm to the touch. In order to investigate this I fired up the applications Android System Info which informed me I was using 100% CPU. I thought this would be an app using all the power, but when...
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    Silent/non-vibrating Boot.

    Silent Boot - Cyrket disables the boot sound on my Desire. I cannot seem to find any other apps that disables the vibration?
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    Review List

    Let's collect the reviews of the Desire in one thread: Techradar: 5/5 HTC Desire review from TechRadar UK's expert reviews of Mobile phones ... They put the phone in their #1 spot: 15 best mobile phones in the world today | News | TechRadar UK For Gorgeous screen Slim chassis Fast...