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  • hey alex, not to 'dash your hopes', i tried the about 3 diff mods...ALL of them failed including the one you mentioned...the CM rom... like i said, i tried about everything out there and NOTHING would work...ALL of the roms failed as soon as i turned of the data and then back on...BAM! CRASH! :(
    Hello Alex, Just so you know, i finally heard back from that lawyer, you can contact him if you so desire, but below is his response: I am going to pass on this. Thank you for sending it my way. William Brent Ney Ney Hoffecker & Erck Suite 2220, Resurgens Plaza 945 East Paces Ferry Road Atlanta, Georgia 30326 404-842-7232 Phone 404-233-2404 Fax that was 100% of the email...i thought about asking why, but since i would not be able to 'go in' on anything, there was no need for me to 'pester' him. however, YOU CAN! ;) that is if you want too... l was keeping you 'in the loop' as i said i would... ken :)
    i can give you more info, but i will have to call which time i can explain why i have to call you...i'll think you will be interested... ;)
    Thanks, I already tried that, hopefully vv5 will be rooted soon, they are working on it but it's a slow process... Look in the main atr page.
    hey bro, honestly im not sure I never personally owned a connect.. but I would suggest completely un-rooting and starting from scratch.. try downgrading to lowest firmware there is as default stock, then do updating process until you reach vv3.. then root and see what happens ;)
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