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    40 Samsung Facts You Didn't Know
    If you consider yourself an Android fan then you're probably very familiar with their legendary lineup of Samsung Android Phones & Tablets. But Samsung is so much more than Galaxy S devices. Heck, Samsung is about a lot more than "devices" in altogether- they makeup only 20% of Samsung's business!

    This video showcases 40 Samsung facts that you might not have known:

    How many did you already know?

    Here's the full list:
    1. Samsung Office Park in Korea
    2. Specialized Chamber of Sound Proofing
    3. Ringtone Sound Lab
    4. 320,000+ Employees
    5. Samsung = 17% of South Korea's GDP
    6. 2,000,000 Galaxy Phones Sold
    7. Samsung has a Life Insurance Company
    8. Ship building business
    9. Military Tanks
    10. Smart Sentry Gun
    11. Samsung Cars
    12. Tallest Building in the World
    13. Samsung sues Apple
    14. Apple uses Samsung
    15. Only 20% of their business is phones
    16. Samsung earns $400,000/minute
    17. Samsung is world's biggest advertiser
    18. Samsung files the most patents
    19. 300,000 Active Patents
    20. Samsung originally sold noodles
    21. Founded in 1938 (electronics in 1970)
    22. Samsung means "Three Stars" (Sam Sung)
    23. Galaxy is name after their 3 star logo
    24. Samsung logo "outside" of Galaxy boundaries
    25. Samsung's phones have Milky Way theme
    26. Samsung CEO burned 150,00 devices
    27. Seems like he miscounted
    28. Samsung Doghouse
    29. Matrix Reloaded used Samsung phones
    30. Samsung made foldable screens first
    31. Samsung sells a flip phone
    32. Samsung made their own Mobile OS (Bada)
    33. Samsung could have bought Android in 2004
    34. Samsung Rooting boundary of $18,470
    35. Samsung Galaxy S3 dinosaur phone giveaway
    36. Samsung Medical Center
    37. Samsung Theme Park
    38. Samsung E-Sports Team
    39. Professional Basketball Team
    40. Samsung Quality Control HQ
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    Microsoft used to do things like #5 in this video.
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