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    $400 Scam Phone by Pablo Escobar's Brother (featuring the Galaxy Fold 2)
    Would you believe that Pablo Escobar's brother faked access to 200,000 heavily discounted Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 units and claimed he would buy them, re-skin them, and sell them for $400 a pop? Would you believe many people fell for the alleged scam and have yet to receive their phone?

    This story sounds too crazy to be true- you be the judge!
  1. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I was amazed when I read this through a Google app notification a few days ago.
    Did they really use the Escobar name, and people sent money?
    I can understand the temptation, but ...

    Would the Escobar name encourage people to believe they could pull off a mass purchase of stock.

    Is this a real PC magazine? Really odd.
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  2. johnson malik

    johnson malik Lurker

    Thankyou for sharing. i will definetly read magazine.
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