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    8 Practical & Creative Ways to Use Your Android Phone's NFC Capabilities
    Our devices are capable of much more uses than we really realize. NFC is one of those features that some of us take for granted. But here are a few ways that you can really take advantage of NFC and show off how awesome your device is in the process.

    1. Share Wi-Fi passwords with friends
    2. View Pubic Transit Card Info
    3. Send files, photos & more with Android Beam
    4. Use Android Pay
    5. Check your bank account balance

    The possibilities are really endless with the use of NFC and NFC tags, and is one of the better innovations to make it to our pockets.
  1. davidywise

    davidywise Newbie

    Thanks for sharing this informative ways to use android NFC capabilities but why you list is only 5.

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