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Hands-on with the Honor 9 says it basically feels like a gutted Honor 8

Android Authority just went hands-on with the newly announced Honor 9 and they said it feels rock solid in the hand. However, since Huawei isn't taking any risks with the phone, this means it can look dated when compared to the Galaxy S8 and LG G6.

Version 3.0 of Google Photos is now available

Google has just started rolling out version 3.0 of their popular Google Photos application. As of right now there, we don't know what changed since there isn't a changelog that has been published.

A redesigned Twitch application is rolling out in the Play Store

The Twitch application has some limitations as there are a number of features that are simply aren't present when compared to the desktop portal. This gap is shrinking today as the company is rolling out a new update that brings new features for both creators and viewers.

Night School Studio publishes Oxenfree in the Play Store for $5

Oxenfree is a new game in the Play Store that has garnered quite the following on the PC thanks to Steam. It's available in the Play Store from Night School Studio and is a 2d point-and-click adventure game.

The Chinese variant of the Moto Z2 Play comes with ZUK's ZUI skin

We've heard that Lenovo wanted to put ZUK's ZUI OEM skin on some Motorola devices and now the time has come. If you buy the Moto Z2 Play in China then it will have ZUK's unique skin instead of Motorola's.

You can now sign up for early access to some of Google's Area 120 app experiments

Area 120 is an incubator for Google employees and was setup as a way to stop them from leaving Google completely to form a startup. They've come up with some unique and experimental applications so far, and now you can sign up to get early access to them.

Netflix is now streaming select content with Dolby Atmos support

Just like when we saw Netflix launch HDR content for subscribers, the service now has some content that supports Dolby Atmos. Smartphones and tablets that support this are rare right now, but does include the Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus.

The Adidas All Day fitness app is now available in the Play Store

Three months ago, Adidas announced they would be launching a fitness application soon and now it is available. The goal here is to present insights about different health aspects like mindset, movement, nutrition rest.

DEAL: Latest temporarily free and on-sale apps/games include Adventures of Mana, themes and more

As we get closer to 4th of July, we typically see developers celebrate with an application and game sale in the Play Store. The latest to be discounted includes Adventures of Mana, ReactionLab 2, Grim Legends 3: Dark City, Door Kickers and dozens more.

Alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE appears on GFXBench

It was just announced that the Galaxy Note 7 FE would be launched in South Korea during the first week of July. A new device has shown up on GFXBench that claims to be of the new phone with the device name being Galaxy Note 7R.

Developers can now try out the first preview of Google's Android Things Console

Much like the Google Play Store Console, Google has now launched a console for developers of Android Things. From here, developers can do things like creating a custom factory image, updating each of your devices, and more.

Jia Yueting of LeEco confirms the cash issue they've been having is worse than they expected

LeEco has been having a cash issue that got so big they ended up borrowing $2.2 billion from a Chinese holdings company called Sunac. So far, they've spent most of that money repaying debts accrued during their latest expansion and says it still hasn't been enough to support funding.

Test shows the OnePlus 5 still works after being submerged in water

Even though the OnePlus 5 isn't IP certified at all, someone did a water test and uploaded the video to YouTube. The device still works after it was submerged but that doesn't mean something hasn't been damaged, and that doesn't mean the same test will work for you.

6 years ago today, Google officially launched Google+

So many times we've heard reports and speculation about Google+ being dead, but 6 years and the social network is still running to this day.

Alcatel Pulsemix announced for Cricket Wireless

Cricket has announced the Alcatel Pulsemix. They look to attract folks with "Snapbak" covers that light up to let you know a call is coming in or your battery is low.

Vivo will be first with Qualcomm's under-screen fingerprint reader

Vivo is confirmed to be using Qualcomm's recently-announced under-screen fingerprint sensor in a new phone. The company is showing off a prototype at Mobile World Congress Shanghai.

Xiaomi introduces electric scooter and laser projector

Xiaomi is adding a couple of new quirky accessories to their growing range of products. They have an electric scooter and a laser projector on the way.

Tablo's $80 stick adds DVR capabilities to Android TV boxes

Tablo has introduced a new USB stick that adds DVR capabilities to almost any Android TV device. This is great for those who want Tablo service but don't want to shell out for their standalone boxes.

A pair of Nougat ZTE phones get WiFi certified

ZTE is seemingly working on 2 new Nougat phones as they've shown up at the WiFi Certification. There's no other info about them at this time.

Google Play Music update fixes Bluetooth bug

A recent Google Play Music update caused the app to crash if you were using Bluetooth. Thankfully Google has been quick to fix the issue as version 7.9.4920 is rolling out to address it.

More Sony phones being upgraded to Android 7.1.1

Sony is updating the Xperia Z5 family the Z4 Tablet, and the Z3 Plus to Android 7.1.1 today. The devices have already been enjoying Nougat for quite some time, as they've been on Android 7.0 since February.

Samsung introduces ISOCELL brand of cameras

Samsung is looking to commercialize their mobile camera brand, ISOCELL. They've announced 4 new models under the banner, including ISOCELL Fast, ISOCELL Bright, ISOCELL Dual, and ISOCELL Slim, with each fitting distinctively different needs.

BlackBerry KEYone delayed in Canada

The BlackBerry KEYone's launch in Canada has been delayed. BlackBerry cites increased carrier demand and a lack of units to fulfill that. As such, it won't arrive until later this summer.

Samsung Game Launcher will get DeX support

Samsung has updated their Game Launcher app to support the DeX computer dock. It seems the update may have come prematurely, though, as games still don't recognize keyboard and mice inputs when trying to launch them through DeX.

Samsung TouchWiz Home update fixes lag on the Galaxy S8

Samsung's TouchWiz is known to be a bit laggy on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus when scrolling through your homescreen. Thankfully Samsung has been working to fix this issue, as a TouchWiz Home update has been issued specifically to address this.