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    'Accessibility Clickjacking' puts 500,000,000 Android phones at risk
    Android is susceptible to many infections and viruses that plague thousands of devices. The latest "bug" to make its rounds through our Android devices is called "Accessibility Clickjacking" and according to a report by SkyCure, is impacting more than 500 million devices.

    With monthly security updates from Google, it's interesting to see how long it takes before the latest strand of Android malware is patched.
  1. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary

    And, interestingly enough, the same gist of the issue (albeit named "tapjacking" instead of "clickjacking") was brought to the fore as far back as December, 2012:

    As always, caveat emptor...
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  2. steve

    steve Developer

    I need to research how any percent of Marshmallow is at risk. I'm pretty sure any application can add the extra security needed to protect against this. If an app doesn't implement the security that is needed and available, then it would be that apps fault.
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  3. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary

    I was aware of this mainly due to Chainfire's "How to SU" page where he indicated (very bottom of that page) that he installed tapjacking protection on SuperSU to keep apps from surreptitiously being granted superuser access on a rooted device.

    I can indeed see where the regular dev would not be aware of the need for countermeasures / protection against these type of schemes.

    Thanks for the article and reminder re. this :).
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