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    Adcom says they're going to sue Ringing Bells, the maker of the Freedom 251($4 smartphone)
    When the $4 smartphone was announced, Ringing Bells started to distribute what they were calling prototypes to various media outlets in India.

    One reviewer was able to scratch off the logo and found an Adcom logo under it. Adcom says they did sell the units to Ringing Bells, but in no way did they agree to let them resell the devices. Adcom now says they're going to take legal action against Ringing Bells because of it.
  1. DenaByte

    DenaByte Lurker

    Well thats a shock. Still at $4 I dont think they had any profit ? Is it possible that they only used the case of the phone and changed the inside?
  2. steve

    steve Developer

    It's hard to believe a company would be that dumb.

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