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    Android 11 release date, features, beta program and more
    Android 11 is coming later this year — here’s what to expect

    A new year brings a new Android update, and Google is working hard to prepare Android 11. The latest version of Google's mobile operating system arrives later this year, with a host of new features for all phones and tablets with Android.

    However, those characteristics are still emerging. We've just seen some Android 11 developer previews, the first in February followed by a second version in March, meaning that many of the improvements Google is publicly talking about are geared more towards app makers than users. endings. We hope to hear much more about Android 11 and what it will mean for your smartphone before the full version comes out in late summer.

    Android 11 release date

    Google released its first developer preview of Android 11 on February 19. That's pretty early relative to previous Android releases: Last year, the first beta version for Android Q (before it was known as Android 10) debuted on March 13. Of course, that release was a beta version aimed at an audience that included early adopters and developers. Google has emphasized that this Android 11 developer preview is really intended for app makers for testing purposes and is not something that consumers want to install on their phones every day.

    What is the release date of Android 11 or Android 11 preview or Android 11 beta?

    We would expect the official Google announcement on Android 11 in mid-2020, on Google IO 2020, which will run from May 12 to 14. The final stable version will begin rolling out to all major eligible smartphones starting in October 2020.

    Timeline for Android 11 Developer Previews and Beta Releases
    Android 11: best features and release date

    The Android 11 Developer Preview program runs from February 2020 until the final public release for AOSP and OEM, planned for the third quarter, i.e. the third quarter of 2020.

    A key development milestone, we'll deliver updates for your development and test environments. Each includes SDK tools, system images, emulators, API reference, and API differences. The milestones are listed below.
    Here is a list of best features of Android 11
    1. A New NFC file-sharing alternative
    2.Improved touch sensitivity
    3. Extended chat ‘bubbles’:
    4. Improved Dark Mode
    One Time Permissions:
    Native Screen Recording:
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