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    Apple refuses to comply with judges' order to create iOS backdoor
    In a public letter to its clients, Apple has officially refused the government's request to disable security features on a specific handset which would require the creation of a backdoor for iOS. A judge recently issues an order to Apple to disable certain security measures o na phone which is connected to the December 2 attack an San Bernardino which killed 14 people and injured 22.
  1. Jon Bukovsky

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    The article makes no mention of a court order (aka "Judges order "). It only makes mention of the FBI's order that Apple violate our rights of privacy. And it's the right thing for Apple to do. As the article says, it would allow the FBI to "tap" US citizen's iPhones without a court order. And not just listen in on our phone calls, but to listen in on us any time of the day or night by opening our microphones. They want Apple to give them tools to totally violate our rights to privacy without having any "Just cause" . That's why law enforcement agencies need to get search warrants and court orders and take other measures to protect the rights of us law abiding citizens. They need to show evidence of "just cause" before they can violate a citizen's right to privacy in the interest of public safety or national security. The other technology companies don't do that. It's just because an iPhone was involved and therefore Apple was concerned that people are making a big deal out of it. And we have to bear in mind that if they make it easier for the government to get that information, they also make it easier for thieves and other disreputable people to access that information.
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    If it had been a Blackberry and not an iPhone, it probably wouldn't have been as newsworthy. There's supposed to be no government backdoors in Blackberry devices and services, that's why they had problems in Egypt a while back.

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