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    AT&T matches Verizon’s new $20 upgrade fee just 2 days after being announced
    Hot off the heels of Verizon announcing plans to charge customers a $20 upgrade fee every time a new phone is activated, AT&T is following in Big Red's footsteps. AT&T had just set their upgrade fee to $15 last August,
    but with Verizon taking advantage of its customers, AT&T figured to follow suit and get an extra $5 from its customers.

    The new fees are as follows, according to AT&T’s recently updated fee page:

    Activation and upgrade fees for smartphones with AT&T Next – Activation and upgrade fees are $20 per smartphone added or upgraded with AT&T Next.
    Activation fees for installment agreements and bring your own devices – The fee is $20.
    Activation and upgrade fees for two year agreement – Fees are $45. Note: Two year agreements are available only on select devices.

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