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    Hmm, Samsung release a "UV sterilizer" at the peak of a global pandemic but make no claims about it actually killing coronaviruses. Seems a very cynical move to me. My reading of this is:

    1) it isn't effective against coronaviruses (or certainly has no demonstrated efficiency), because if they could back up such a claim they would certainly make it

    2) they expect that they'll be able to cash in on an increased interest in germicidal cleaning anyway

    3) it's likely that many buyers will use it to protect against SARS-Cov-19 despite Samsung nowhere saying that it can be used for that purpose

    4) Samsung won't warn people not to use it for that because that would cost sales, while if anyone who uses it contracts covid-19 they can point out that they never claimed it would protect against that (though even if they had it would be impossible for anyone to prove that they contracted it as a result of this device not protecting them)

    In short, if you are a germophobe then go ahead, it may reduce your anxiety a little (or of course may reinforce it). But if you are worried about covid, stick with washing your hands regularly and save your money.
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