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    BlackBerry commits to "at least" two new phones in 2018
    BlackBerry has mentioned that they want to offer at least 2 new smartphones in 2018. Of course, no details can be had at this time.
  1. psionandy

    psionandy Extreme Android User

    I hope both users are pleased with the news
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  2. Hmmmph....

    I'd be pleased if, at the very least, they would either somehow give BBOS10 people a DTEK/Android update for Passport users like myself, or push a new Android that is of Passport size and build quality. Yeah very highly unlikely, but the latter of the two would be enough for me to buy a BBAndroid. Maybe.

    It's not the security of a DTEK Android that will woo me into one; my reason for buying a new BlackBerry was to get the hell away from Android lol... I was hoping for a new OS10 handest that would accommodate T-Mobile's new LTE bands (I'm lacking LTE 12/66 capability), but Jon Chen recently killed all off all of my hopes there by pulling the plug on OS10 development.
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