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    Comparison details the differences between Kotlin and Java
    Google recently started naively supporting Kotlin on Android with their Android Studio IDE. So Android Authority has a comparison article up that shows you the differences between the two programming languages.
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    I disagree completely. Type inference may be seductively convenient, but explicit data type declarations make the code clearer. Errors are caught at compile time, always much better than runtime. Modern IDEs virtually write the code for you, with automatic code completion. A competent typist (most programmers) can manage to write the code very quickly.

    Absolute rubbish! Kotlin contains all the language control statements and data structures that Java does. It is neither more or less complex to learn than Java. For a newcomer to any programming language, either would be just as difficult to learn.

    Misleading. Java has supported lambda expressions since version 8.
    Besides, using anonymous methods/classes and similar, actually makes the code harder to read, and therefore less maintainable.

    I could go on but I'm getting bored with that whole misleading and skewed article.
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