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    Customers claim Motorola hasn't been handling their warranties like they should
    Earlier today, a self-post on Reddit showed how many, many people have been having trouble with getting Motorola to replace a device under warranty.

    Not only did this person have a bad experience, but the Lenovo forums are filling up with more horror stories like this every day.
  1. Endda

    Endda Guest

    I had an issue with Motorola last year too.

    I tried to get my metal silver Moto 360(first gen) replaced last August/September.

    They gave me an RMA number but ignored it until I called, then I was told about the 'we don't have stock' thing. After nagging them for a few days, they finally said they would send one out.

    I got the 'package is sent' email, but looking at the model number, I saw it as for the leather band.

    I called again, said I RMA'd a metal 360(which they had already) and the one you're sending me is the leather one as shown by the model number. I was told that the model number in the email was a mistake and that I was actually getting a metal one

    A few days later, package arrive and of course it's the leather band 360.

    This is when I gave up and just bought a Huawei Watch. Never again will I buy a Motorola product

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