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    Dash for Reddit beta is updated to version 2.0.0, adds data savings settings, zoom videos, and more
    The developers behind Dash for Reddit have pushed out a big update that comes with the following changes. . .

    - IMPROVED: New image and video viewer
    - ADDED: Zoom videos
    - ADDED: File sizes for images and videos
    - ADDED: Go to comments button
    - ADDED: Setting to zoom tall images to match screen width
    - ADDED: Data saving settings
    - ADDED: Image/video/browser preloading settings
    - IMPROVED: Subscription list
    - ADDED: Setting to open keyboard when subscription list opens
    - TWEAK: List can now be scrolled while collapsed
    - TWEAK: Long pressing a subscription now opens it in a new window
    - TWEAK: Better subreddit search and feedback
    - ADDED: Experimental quick access for navigation (swipe bottom-up)
    - ADDED: Image submission (only supports sli.mg for now)
    - ADDED: Image uploading in editor (only supports sli.mg for now)
    - ADDED: Set subreddit flair and post flair
    - ADDED: Setting to show inline link domain
    - ADDED: Setting to show first paragraph of selftext in Large Cards

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