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    Deal: HTC is offering up to $250 off during its Valentine's Day sale
    HTC is throwing a Seven Days of Sappiness sale with deals on several of its phones and accessories. You can get $150 off the HTC 10, $200 off the HTC One A9, and $250 off the HTC One M9 for a limited time.
  1. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
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    Meanwhile us Brits get a free Ice View case instead. Definitely feeling short-changed here ;)
  2. rothe

    rothe Well-Known Member

    Sorry to rub it in, Hadron, but I'm still going to gloat that I was able to jump on this deal. I just picked up a set of JBL Reflect Aware C earphones for $99.99, minus the $25 credit that I had from Team HTC.

    These things were $200 before this Valentine's Day sale. I wouldn't normally spend that much money on earphones, but these two combined deals made it tough to resist.

    When they arrive, I'll post a brief review in the HTC 10 forum.
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