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    Does the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 S pen get stuck, too?
    One of the flaws of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is that the S pen could be placed in the phone backwards, leading to it getting stuck in a way that made it impossible to remove once it was in place.

    While you can't insert the S Pen backwards on the new Note 7, there do seem to be issues with how the S Pen is held inside the chassis of the phone.
  1. arunma

    arunma Lurker
    Apr 2, 2016

    Apr 2, 2016
    I've had this problem too with my T-Mobile Note 7. As in the video, it seems that my S-pen's spring mechanism was jammed. I was able to release it by sticking a thin flathead screwdriver into the chassis (being careful not to scratch my phone, of course!) and dislodging the spring mechanism; I could then retrieve the S-pen. However, when I put it back in the chassis a few more times, the problem eventually reappeared.

    After trying a lot of different things, I discovered an admittedly counter-intuitive solution. I tied a piece of very thin string around the S-pen, just below the spring mechanism. So far, I've had no problems. Obviously this is an aesthetically displeasing solution, and is only a stopgap until I can somehow get another S-pen (Samsung doesn't want to replace it, and I'm not sure I want to waste $30 on a new one that could have the same issue). In any case, the fact that this works suggests that some S-pens have a manufacturing flaw that allows the spring mechanism to depress just a bit too far and get locked in place.

    After the debacle with the Note 5's pen, this should not have happened!

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