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    Firefox Beta v47 Beta reduces data usage in a couple ways, removes support for WebRT and more
    With version 46 of Firefox pushed to users, the team behind the popular web browser have started working on the next beta.

    The changes coming with beta version 47 include. . .
    - Add ability to show system notification to highlight features on browser update
    - Add "Show/Hide web fonts" in advanced settings to reduce bandwidth and data
    - Show main domain (origin) or name of organization (EV certificate) in the URL bar (to prevent phishing attacks)
    - Stopped data usage when Firefox is in the background and a page uses meta refresh
    - "Open multiple links" setting under “Customize” has been renamed to “Tab Queue”
    - Notify Gingerbread Users that Firefox will no longer update after this release
    - Remove support for Android web runtime (WebRT)
    - Remove Favicons in Awesomebar to prevent HTTPS spoofing

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