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    Fuel cell maker says smartphones in the future could have 7-day battery life
    Intelligent Energy Holdings, a UK based company, has introduced hydrogen-driven technology into some of London’s black cabs and they want to bring this tech to smartphones next.

    The company is planning on investing $7.6 million to create a fuel cell small enough to go into a smartphone. They realize the goal might not become mainstream, but they do feel it could benefit those who don't always have access to electricity.
  1. codezer0

    codezer0 Android Enthusiast

    Eff just benefitting people without regular access to electricity. it would benefit us now, with these phones that have miserable battery life measured in mere hours and minutes. It's aggravating as crap just shopping for a new phone now because almost all of them have NRB's that my experience shows will last 3 hours per charge at most as soon as I try to really use the thing. :mad:

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